It′s time to take laughter seriously - Dr Madan Kataria

Laughter Facilitation Skills: learning to integrate & use the transformative power of laughter for mindfulness, happiness and stress-free living.

Autumn course: Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st November
click here for the autumn booking form or please ring me on 07812159943, or book through eventbrite

special deals for Laughter Yoga Leaders and Laughter Facilitators see below

I am running my 22nd Laughter Facilitation Skills course on Friday 31st October / Saturday 1st November 2014 at the Unitarian Chapel, Brunswick Square, Bristol BS2 8PE.

This 22nd Laughter Facilitation Skills course retrains your brain to promote:

  • mindfulness
  • heartfulness
  • happiness
  • stress-free living.

You boost

  • your confidence
  • your ability to connect
  • your flexibilty & creativity
  • your ability to think spontaneously & comfortably on your feet.

You learn

  • the psychology and physiology of laughter and its effects on the mind, body, emotions and spirit
  • The science, medicine and benefits of laughter
  • How to access and generate genuine spontaneous laughter
  • How to access mindfulness, awareness and embodiment 
  • Dr Kataria’s laughter club initiative and laughter yoga
  • lots of nls: natural laughter skills & Laughter Yoga exercises
  • laughter meditation
  • To create your own exercise for the group
  • How to adapt this for any personal, work / social / home setting
  • How to start developing harmonious group dynamics
  • from each other’s insights, expertise and experience
  • and lots more

You experience

  • lightness / playfulness / spontaneity & flexibility / lively group dynamics

At the end of the course you're able to run your own short session, and maybe much more.
This course includes a manual and enables you to get the necessary professional insurance.

Whether you have a personal development interest
are a workshop leader
presenter & trainer
wellbeing specialist
NLP practitioner
hoola hoopist
life model
another other specialist - this course has plenty for you.

Prices for the Autumn course:  
£150 before 5th September , £175 before 30th September, £200 after.

New special deals for Laughter Yoga Leaders:
£120 in full before 5th September, £130 before 30th September, £150 after

LFS graduates wanting a refresher:
£100 in full before 5th Aeptember, £120 before 30th September, £140 after

Comments from previous participants include:

  • 'Thank you for being so warm and kind and connecting me back to people in such a wonderful playful way'.
  • 'Good venue, good group size, time used very effectively - good illustration in practice of being an effective facilitator.'
  • 'Just to say the laughter course really hit the spot for me. I feel in my joy and positivity now, in contrast to how I felt at the start.'
  • 'I am so much more powerful now. Thank you x '
  • ‘Vedant has really taken what you said on board and now everyone at our hospice is doing their 15 second smiles morning and evening.The patients respond really well to such a simple device - it is lovely to see the effect it has.’ (Chris)
  • ‘I’m really glad I came on this course, meeting people who believed in and enthused about what they were teaching and others who were friendly and willing to learn. Thank you for the experience and starting something I see as being a big part of my life from now on, both for clients and personally.’ (Paul Chivers)



I am a facilitator with over 25 years experience, and have been running laughter workshops since 1997. My clients include major organisations from both the private and public sector, and I also run sessions at venues like Cheltenham Science Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Alternatives, and Mind Body Spirit festival in London.
I wrote 'Awakening the Laughing Buddha within', co-authored with the Barefoot Doctor.
I am an occasional Visiting Lecturer on ‘Laughter’ at the University of the West of England, my work features regularly in the media, including BBC 2’s ‘Don’t Die Young’ with Dr Alice Roberts, and my work on cardiovascular health is used by the Open University.
In 2003 I founded the Bristol Laughter Club which is now the UK’s longest-running series of laughter workshops.
In 2006 I initiated the UK’s Laughter Facilitation Training programme and organised the UK’s 1st National Sponsored ‘Laugh-a-thon’ for the British Heart Foundation.
I was a director of the Pierian Centre ( and a longtime full healer member of the NFSH

Book your place today or ring me on 07812159943 if you have any questions?

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